Roberto Bravo Strategy and Development Summit was Made


A strategy development summit was made with Roberto Bravo employees at Elite World Sapanca Hotel for 2 days. The founder of Global Magic Brand Ömer Senguler, Psychological Counselor Fulya Egrioglu and Manager of Human Resources Gulbeniz Akduman made a significant contribution to family of Roberto Bravo with their speeches on strategy and management.

We thought about what we did at in 2019  and what we can do in the new year at Elite World Sapanca Hotel for our brand. We talked about combining our young and dynamic staff with the experiences of our CEO Mustafa Kamar and valuable mentors by most efficient way.

Ömer Senguler has told us what the important for our brand journey to his experience.  Dr. Gülbeniz Akduman added valuable information to our sectoral and intellectual accumulation with his speech named at Living Luxury. Fulya Egrioğlu talked about how to increase awareness with mindfulness techniques in her speech on Neuroscience Based Stress Management.

We have added vast experiences to our young and energetic staff. We look forward to being able to serve you better.

Roberto Bravo and Ömer Şengüler Meeting in the Book


Roberto Bravo resumes to meet to the reader and the world of literatüre and art.

Brand architect Ömer Şengülers new book Marka Ol E Mi? sponsored by Roberto Bravo. In the launch of the book Ömer Şengüler stated that the insterest in the book was high.

Launched of the book is made in Join + Idea Kanyon. There were many successful and famous names from art world and marketing sector, in Turkey.  Brand consultant Prof. Ömer Sengüler made statement about “Marka Ol E Mi?”. “Marka Ol E Mi?” will help to reader for  raise of marketing awereness and processes of branding. I preferred to use with custom visuals and a plain language to my personal experience in this book.

CEO of Roberto Bravo Mustafa Kamar stated about book, “this book is occured from consolidation of most important part of marketing. Everybody can read easily when they took the book. This issue caught my attention and now the book was my bedside, anymore. Visuals and plain language had caused easily reading, sincerely.” Mustafa Kamar added to end of his own word “Marka Ol E Mi” appeals to a large mass.” 

Moving accessories. The Salsa collection.


In the soul of every adult woman hides a little girl who loves to play more than anything else in the world. She would collect little trifles so dear to her heart, and swing and Christmas decorations back and forth so that they would spin as if found up.

When the girl grows into a woman, she continues to play, but her games become more serious: now she collects jewelry, secretly watching the reaction she causes in her loved one, and when he wants some distraction, she stares entrancedly at the way the diamonds in the Roberto Bravo Salsa collection ring rattle and shimmer in the light. Over 10 years ago, Piaget jewellers were the first ones to introduce moving fashion jewelry. Today their collection, Possession, originally positioned as a wedding one, makes one want to withdraw from the big city with its rhythm, and immerse into a sort of a meditation. And they were right: it really helps.

To achieve a similar calming effect, Roberto Bravo offers their clients to do some creative contemplation: you don't even need to touch the Salsa accessories. It's enough to put a ring on your finger, and you can watch how the skillfully fixed diamonds tremble in their frames at the slightest movement. You only need to decide whether you prefer white diamonds or blue, yellow gold, or white.

Keeping and storing jewelery.


A woman's jewelry box is a very special treasury, and any access to outsiders is absolutely forbidden. She and only she can lift the heavy lid of the box to choose the accessory she will wear - or just to enjoy the glittering and shimmering gems. A woman can sit forever, putting Diamond Love Q collection rings next to Feya earrings to see how they go together. And how many times a day she does this is her own little secret.

Be a diligent keeper of your jewelry. Even if you haven't worn them for a while, they might lose some of their luster due to contact with oxygen - this is especially true of silver. Pick not only a convenient, but also a beautiful box, from which contemplation and awareness of the fact that within just hidden your treasure, that will enable you to receive a true aesthetic pleasure from the thought that such an elegant box contains a true treasure. On the inside, the box must be lined with a soft cloth such as suede or velvet, and the accessories must not touch each other.

The less light falls on your jewelelry, the better, because some gemstones lose their color when exposed to the sun. So, never forget to close the lid tightly. You can also put each article into an individual velvet bag: thus it will be protected from light and decoration and undesired touches. Make sure you keep your jewelery box away from heat sources at all times.

Animalistic accessories. The Woo owl bracelet.


In ancient times, people attributed a sacred meaning to accessories with animals. Scarab rings, necklaces with frogs or turtles were meant to protect their owners from evil and, most importantly, give them the best qualities of the animal on the talisman. 

The modern jewelery-makers adopted this glorious tradition and are putting all imaginable fauna into precious metals, from insects to snakes and tigers.

The Roberto Bravo jewelers love nature more than any other experts in gold and diamonds: butterflies flit, migrating from one collection to another, as if from flower to flower, enamel vines crawl on the golden shank of the ring, wrapping around the gem, and flowers bloom on the shore of the sapphire lake.

We found a special symbol of wisdom in the Woo collection - a golden owl with hypnotic eyes on a thin black leather thread. The owl is associated with prudence and knowledge, able to see in the dark and has an instant reaction, endowed with an amazing intuition and, whatever happens, it remains remarkably quiet. A golden bird of wisdom in the form of a charm on a modest bracelet will give its owner the clarity of mind, and its ruby eyes will impart to her the gift of foresight and help develop her intuition.

Pearls and gems combined in the Chanel style. The Diamond Love collection


There was a time pearls were a privilege enjoyed only by the noblest of ladies, the precious pearls were hard to find, and they were extremely expensive. Marie de Medici and Elizabeth I wore various pearl accessories. The gentle milk-white mysteriously radiant pearls became a symbol of purity and innocence.

The 20th century was a real century of pearls: Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in growing a perfectly round Akoya pearl, thus establishing the production of artificially grown pearls and making them available to everyone, and later the legendary Coco Chanel stated that "the pearl is always right", inspiring every fashionista to purchase a classic string of artificial or real pearls.

Today pearls are still popular among jewelers, but we see more and more often that designs are becoming more and more complicated. We are accustomed to the fact that pearls should be worn "neatly", that they are a strict and classic material, which does not leave room for experiment - some sort of the "little black dress" of the world of jewelery. Yet the Roberto Bravo jewelers object. In a burst of inspiration, they created the Diamond Love collection, with the main focus on diamonds. But when you see the pearl rings of this jewelry line, you will realize at once what a true object of art is - one that your heart can't help but long for... Hey, I'd like three of these!

Exquisitely beautiful rings of natural-shape baroque pearls, encrusted with varying diamond tracks. They are like the tentacles of a mysterious sea creature, wrapping around the central object of this artistic composition, which would make one think that this would be the very ring to grace the fingers of sirens or mermaids.

Tips on taking care of your silver and gold accessories


We are used to thinking that jewelery is eternal, we take pride in the accessories we inherited from our grandparents or received as a gift, they are a sentimental memory of that and we, in our turn, will pass on to our children. Just imagine how overjoyed your daughter will be to receive from you an elegant Roberto Bravo Bee Dance golden ring, which she could wear on her first date or graduation party.

The impact of the environment (water, oxygen, and sun), cosmetics, cleaning products, etc. - all this sometimes adversely affects the way our jewelry looks. For it not to fade over the years and to continue to sparkle, delighting us, we must take good care of them, keep them in a good place and be careful in handling them.

Do not forget to take off your jewelry when you clean the house, sleep and exercise, and protect it from mechanical impact. Remember that taking care of gold and silver is different. Here is a list of basic rules for you to follow if you don't want your treasure to fade before its time.


1. After wearing, wipe the accessory with a soft microfiber cloth to remove the dust.

2. Dust and dirt can be removed if you wash the accessory into soap water with a few drops of ammonia.

3. If your accessory has a lot of dust or dirt on it, you can clean it with a properly chosen dish-washer detergent, that doesn't contain any component that can potentially damage the gold.


1. Just like with gold, wipe the silver with a microfiber cloth. Silver is more prone to loss of gloss, so do it more often.

2. Remove dark plaque with warm soap water or a cloth soaked in ammonia. Also remember that there are special fluids for taking care of precious metals. Gemstones, too, require special care, so make sure they don't get in contact with the fluids used for taking care of gold or silver.

Amy Rossum


A talented person is talented in everything. At a fairly young age this girl already sang in six different languages with great opera singers like Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti, and later started taking acting lessons and building an acting career, while working on recording her own music albums. The star of "Mystic River," "Phantom of the Opera," "The Day After Tomorrow" and "Poseidon," Amy has tried herself in many genres, and became an absolute favorite with the audience after starring in the TV series, "The Shameless", acting alongside famous movie stars.

New look at Amy - and you will remember her forever - the complex cocktail of many different genes makes her appearance truly remarkable: her mother was Jewish, her father, Protestant, some of her ancestors came from Russia, and her aunt is Vera Wang herself.

This brunette with big dark eyes certainly knows what suits her: at different ceremonies Amy Rossum 'walks' accessories with rich-colored rubies, yellow topazes and emeralds.

If you're a bright brunette like Amy, you'll probably like the citrine ring with bright enamel flowers from our Noah's Ark Collection: bright, bold and unusual. And the butterfly earrings of a beautiful golden shade of Phalanta collection will bring out the color of your eyes.

Jewelery Watches


Today, when we learn the time by consulting electronic devices, no one would dispute the fact that the wristwatch has long been some kind of vestige. They are more than an indicator of the status of its owner, rather than a functional object.

While men are more concerned about a big brand, women are more interested in the amount of glittering jewels that adorn the watch's bezel, face and bracelet. Therefore, it's not surprising the first wristwatch in the world was a woman's watch, and of course it had jewels. In 1571, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, gave Queen Elizabeth I of England a precious pearl diamond bracelet watch as a present. The Queen loved the exquisite accessory so much that she didn't limit herself to the watch. From that moment on and until early XX century wristwatches were called 'bracelets' and were made only for women; men had their watches on a chain, and bracelet-watches were considered a mere accessory, unable to bear serious "men's" loads.

As time went on, technology developed, and manufacturers eventually learned to make watches with excellent mechanisms and fit them into a small corpus. Watches with a great number of features won the hearts of men. In the XXth century watches of different purposes began to appear: military watches, watches for pilots, watches for athletes with a dial-shifter, etc. The XXIst century sets a new trend - smart watches that connect to your smartphone and count steps and phases of sleep.

Through all times, women have preferred jewelry watches. Without further ado, Roberto Bravo's masters adorned the rims of their watches with diamond pavé, putting abstract patterns on the precious diamond ornaments, and even a sparkling peacock in gold and emeralds. The alligator leather straps are available in the brightest colors: green, red, and fuchsia.

The "stacked bracelets" trend


The world's first bracelets were not worn for beaut: they were attributed magical abilities, like, for example, protection from evil spirits and diseases. However, people grew fond of the decorative features of bracelets, and some of them quickly realized that more was better.

The "stacked bracelets" trend is almost as old as the accessory itself. Even ancient Egyptian show how the Egyptians loved them: they wore thin metal ornaments in abundance on both their arms.

In every nation's tradition, the meanings conveyed by bracelets varied: they served German soldiers as amulets, and protected them in battle, while in Russia there were a sign of their owner's nobility. In the Middle Ages bracelets with a hidden meaning were popular - for example, you could read the first letters of the names of the stones and recognize the owner's creed. In the 19th century, locket bracelets and bracelets with portraits inside were an absolute must-have. The history of stacked bracelets continued in the 20th century, when bangles bracelets with various charm pendants were invented, telling about the life of their owne