Lana Del Rey Young and Beautiful


Lana Del Rey's songs are romantic, but almost always melancholy. They justify the singer's looks: very feminine dresses, long hair and flawless make-up with black arrows make her look sad and mysterious. Lana, née Elizabeth Wooldridge Grand, smiles very rarely. A thoughtful child, Lizzie sang in a Catholic Choir, where she learned to sing, and, growing up, took up the study of philosophy, trying to figure out how, as she put it, to "bridge the gap between science and God." This thoughtful sadness looks very becoming on the singer. We like it. As her career developed, some critics began to compare the style of her performance to a beautiful movie.

Besides being able to sing beautifully, the singer has an amazing ability of self-presentation: she is one of those women that are known as divas. Despite the fact that they are only human (at some point in her life, Lana was able to overcome a terrible dependence on destructive addictions), in everyday life, they behave as if on the stage. To develop such a demeanor is an even harder work than to create your own, unique image.

When we talk of Lana Del Rey, with our mind's eye we see the image of a young maiden with a languid voice and a wreath of flowers in her hair. She looks so much like Botticelli's Spring! In the same way as Simonetta Vespucci, the artist's favorite model, Lana occasionally changes the wreath of flowers in her hair for headbands and clips of large gems: look for them among Roberto Bravo jewelry. Italian jewelers love flowers and diamonds the same.

Do white and yellow gold jewelery go together?


Debates over whether it is possible yellow and white gold accessories go together have been going on for a long time. Let's take a closer look and see if combining them is a sign of bad taste or originality.

The, more classic version - yellow - uses alloy of gold, silver and copper. An alloy of platinum, palladium and nickel makes white gold. Thus, as to the value of the metal, the ratio of precious metals is in both cases the same.

Some people believe that if you wear white and yellow gold accessories together, it would give the impression that you, without thinking twice, just put on everything you had in your jewelery box. But what do you do if your beautiful wedding ring is made of yellow gold, and you would love to wear a new bracelet of white metal?

The answer is simple: choose one of the many Roberto Bravo accessories that combine two types of gold (the collections Cool, Jivana, Kumkuat), and combine them effortlessly with your white or yellow gold accessories any way you like! The main thing is not to overdo it, so choose same-style accessories.

The Swan Lake.


Each of us knows since childhood the story of Prince Siegfried, who in search of the perfect and pure love rushed into the world of his dreams and followed a flock of swans, which beckoned him to follow. In the magic forest, he met the beautiful Odette, the Swan Queen, fell deeply in love with her, and swore to her eternal fidelity. But the Evil Genius sent Odile to the ball. She was an absolute copy of Odette, and Siegfried rushed to her and called her his loved one. Thus, he broke his oath. Each of us knows since childhood the story of Prince Siegfried, who in search of the perfect and pure love rushed into the world of his dreams and followed a flock of swans, which beckoned him to follow. In the magic forest, he met the beautiful Odette, the Swan Queen, fell deeply in love with her, and swore to her eternal fidelity. But the Evil Genius sent Odile to the ball. She was an absolute copy of Odette, and Siegfried rushed to her and called her his loved one. Thus, he broke his oath. The confused Siegfried hastens to Odette for forgiveness. She graciously bestows it on him, but now she does not have any power over her own destiny. Evil caused a great storm which tore the lovers apart from each other, and they were never to meet again. Siegfried remained alone at the lake.

The ballet "Swan Lake" was first performed on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater in March 1877, and since then has gone through a large number of performances from classical to contemporary. It's probably the most famous ballet in the world, one of the symbols of Russia. In its honor, a special sort of rose with delicate white petals got its name.

The Swan Lake Episode II necklace by Roberto Bravo, amazingly beautiful, was inspired by the ballet "Swan Lake", and in particular, the second act. It is the second part of the ballet when the prince first finds himself by the beautiful lake, and sees in the glittering waters, among water lilies a reflection of enchanted swan-maidens. Then he also first meets Odette and is captivated by her beauty. It's not by accident that the Roberto Bravo jewelers chose this part of the story: they are extremely good at portraying natural motifs and fairy tales in precious jewelery materials.

Roberto Bravo's Muse.


The beautiful nine muses, daughters of Zeus and the titan Mnemosyne are patronesses of arts and sciences. In the ancient times, museon temples were dedicated to them, and in honor of some of them, an asteroid was named. We encounter them here and there even today. The ancient Greeks knew the immortal source of inspiration every woman and every girl carries inside: it only needs to be recognized at set free.

The ancient Greek Muses live in harmony with nature on the summit of Mount Helicon, walk among tall pines and admire butterflies as they flutter from flower to flower. Today's muses go to Roberto Bravo boutiques and adorn their slender fingers and delicate earlobes with the glittering Phalanta butterflies, and wear the Night collection pendants and necklaces which, like a miniature meadow, illustrate the life of the forest people. They are wood nymphs in disguise, hurrying to their office jobs or attending to urgent errands.

Yet not everyone can be found worthy of kissing a Muse. One must be a genius: think of Salvador Dali and Gala, Mayakovsky and Lilya Brik, John Lennon and Yoko Ono. There is, however, another way of winning your muse: take her to the nearest Roberto Bravo boutique and get her a new ring-butterfly, and maybe - who knows? - She will soon inspire you to write a romantic novel.

Matinee necklace, Emmanuelle collection.


We continue our story about the types of necklaces, as we try to decide what kinds of necklace to wear during the day and for a night out. We have already talked about the necklace whose name - "Princess" - speaks for itself; let's now move on to the more mysterious matinee necklace. 

Matinee is a necklace of about 50-60 cm long, a precious thread that winds twice around the neck. One circle is always longer than the other. You can find a matinee of pearls, gemstones, with metal inserts and with small pendants.

The most popular of all is the pearl matinee, a necklace to be worn with an evening or cocktail dress, and make sure that none of your other accessories will steal your admirers' attention. Creating the Emmanuelle collection, the Roberto Bravo jewelers not only transformed the traditional version of the matinee by replacing the conventional heavy thred of pearls by a gold one, thin and light as a feather, but also added to it some symbols of a sacred significance.

When in 1968 Van Cleef&Arpels introduced the first Alhambra collection sotuar, women all over the world believed that the four-leaf clover really brings luck. Roberto Bravo jewelers go even further: they make this talisman of love and well-being in the technique of embedded enamel of the most extravagant colors - black and red. Strung on streaming threads of golden rain flowing bright quarterfoils declare that luck and love accompany their owner wherever she goes - her rivals better watch out! Emmanuelle is, perhaps, Roberto Bravo's most tender and touching collection, but you know as well as we do that inside each delicate female lives the one whose path it's best not to cross.



Earrings first appeared in ancient Asia 7,000 years ago. Surprisingly, they were worn exclusively by men, marking their belonging to a higher caste. During their long history, earrings, that eventually became popular with women, had many different symbolic meanings: in Rome, an earring was used to mark slaves, Caesar's centurions wore them as a sign of courage, and Greek and Roman women wore pearl earrings to demonstrate their wealth. In the Middle Ages earrings constantly went in and out of fashion. After the Catholic Church forbade "to change the body, created in the likeness of God", it became common to have holes in their ears for the representatives of the social "bottom", for example, each time a pirate captured a ship, he would get a new earring. During the Renaissance earrings became popular on all social levels, adorning the ears of royal persons in their portraits. 

In Russia, "dove" earrings (in the shape of a dove), "girandole" earrings that looked like chandeliers, and singletons - a prototype of the modern stud earrings - were popular.

Laconic and elegant studs earrings are an absolute must-have for any lady. They go well with a casual outfit and a cocktail dress, in the latter case helping to keep the attention on, for example, a bright, dazzling necklace.

Studs normally have a friction or a threaded post inserted into a metal plate behind the ear. In friction studs the plate is fixed on a ward, and in threaded, it's screwed onto the thread.

Take a look at the Roberto Bravo earrings. The studs on the Feya collection are a democratic phenomenon indeed, radiating all the dazzling shine of rubies and diamonds, and bringing out the beauty of their owner's eyes with the brightness and brilliance of the enamel on the petals of a delicate flower of a sophisticated turquoise shade.

Even though studs are tiny and light, we would advise that you take them off at night. This way, the sharp back clip won't discomfort you while you sleep, and fragile petals will continue bringing you joy.



The phrase “Shine bright like a diamond” has long ceased to be a song title – now, just like Marylin Monroe's “diamonds are a girl's best friend”, it's an expression of tremendous love for gems shared by all women.

Rihanna's "modern Cinderella" story began back in 1988. Hers is one of the many stories of a difficult childhood preceding a successful career, her experience helping her the way big money or important connections never would. It's an ode to talent and love of art. Not the luckiest in their own lives, Rihanna's father and mother, however, brought up their daughter to love music. The girl started to sing reggae at the age of seven. Besides, her love of dresses and jewelry, and the desire to stand out and be different were in her blood. Perhaps Rihanna's style may seem too aggressive at times, but how could it be otherwise? Her entire life, the girl had to cope with difficulties, from her parents' divorce to a scandalous separation with Chris Brown. Her passion for military style, however, is rooted in the times when Rihanna was a cadet in the military training program at school.

The singer's motto, tattooed on her collarbone, says: "Never a failure, always a lesson." Rihanna really looks like an Amazon warrior: slim, with a shaved temple, bright lips and lots of large jewelry. She bravely combines large diamond earring with a massive necklace, and wears rings almost on every finger. This girl looks like she never leaves her house without her rings.

Are you as brave as this hip-hop diva? Then go ahead and boldly put a large ring with black enamel diamonds and rubies from Roberto Bravo's Black Magic collection on the finger next to the Diamond Love flower-ring, with its huge petals partially covered with a diamond pavé, and step out in search of adventure with your favorite Rihanna songs playlist in your MP3 player.

Face of inspiration campaign 2016-2017 - Coco Rocha.


Name Coco has no relation to Coco Chanel. From the cradle the mother of the girl, nee Mikhaila, began to call her Coco, which means "little one." For the unusual beauty of the Canadian supermodel accounts the Ukrainian and Irish blood flowing in her veins.
She had never thought of modeling, but one day the agent Charles Stuart noticed her at a dance contest. But even plunged into the world of high fashion, Coco remains true to herself and adheres to strict moral principles. She is against anorexic models, refuses to pose nude or with a cigarette in her hand. Most of her time she dedicates to charity.
Within a few years after the start of her career Rocha was on the cover of Vogue Italy, and in the backstage of a runway, Naomi Campbell confessed to her she likes the débutante's walk, and now she is a favorite of hers. Coco showed the most fashionable clothes designers and posed for the top glossy magazines. The American Vogue once said that until Coco came, "modeling missed real supermodels." Coco posed to the best photographers of the high fashion world.
Coco proved all modern women that you can successfully build a career and be a happy woman who literally radiates happiness and energy. This year, Roberto Bravo proudly announce that Coco Rocha will present the Roberto Bravo inspiration project jewelry house.

Inspiration. Cubism: the Q-collection.


More than a hundred years have passed since the art critic Louis Voxel called Braque's new pictures "cubic oddities" (bizarreries cubiques). Thus was born the term for a new direction in art, which is primarily associated with the name of Pablo Picasso. One day Paul Cezanne encouraged the artist to consider nature as a set of simple forms and basic shapes, that had to be kept in mind as the organizational focus of the picture. Picasso agreed. And painted "Guernica", "Three musicians" and "A Sleeping woman".
The Roberto Bravo jewelers agreed also. And created the Q Collection. Concise golden accessories are a precious version of the paintings, while the bright color and glow of the topazes, diamonds and sapphires, as Picasso himself would put it, plays a role only insofar as it helps depict the volume. We offer you to master the understanding of art of life through jewelery.