Celebrity style / Queen Latifah at the 22nd American Actors Guild Awards Ceremony


Queen Latifah (née Dana Elaine Owens) is indeed a woman of many talents. Singer, actress, rapper, model — all of these personalities fit in a woman of, let's just say, a very unusual looks. So what! Advertise the fast-food restaurant chain "Pizza hut" and weight loss products at the same time? Easy! Write and perform songs in seemingly incongruous styles of jazz and rap? Here you go! A successful film career and collaboration with the most famous actors in Hollywood? Easy as pie! Someone who can't make others gasp with surprise would never get an "Emmy", "Grammy", "Golden globe" and an "Oscar" nomination!
The singer's alias — "Latifah"- in Arabic means "gentle", and for a good reason. In everyday life, even with her "non-perfect" figure, the "Queen" looks as if she's just stepped out of a fashion magazine cover. There's definitely not a single fan of hip-hop in the whole wide world who would fathom their image and style without various accessories. Queen Latifah is no exception, with the only difference of her collection being one of the most feminine and elegant ever.
For the 22nd annual American Film Actors Guild Awards ceremony she chose a black translucent long dress that visually made her figure look slimmer, and completed her outfit with long large earrings of a sharp geometric shape, made of gold and black diamonds. When you look at the Black Magic Roberto Bravo collection, be sure to notice long gold earrings with black enamel that look like mysterious butterflies flitting from flower to flower in the night. Those who prefer more classical ornaments can take a good look at the long earrings from the Bee Dance collection: gold, diamonds, Roberto Bravo's renowned enamel, and of course, something unusual — bees, sharp outlines of beehive cells - symbol of wisdom, diligence and hard work - what a story to tell your admirers!

Trend: gold of three colors in one accessory. Kareena Collection


In 1925, based on a sketch of artist, poet, writer and filmmaker Jean Cocteau, Louis Cartier created a ring that combined three rings of three different golds together. This triple ring was named Trinity – a threefold Union of love, loyalty and friendship. Yellow gold symbolizes loyalty, pink stands for love, and white gold means friendship.
In the collection Kareena by Roberto Bravo love is above all else. But eternal, true love is impossible without friendship and loyalty. The floral rainbow symbolism combines all three colors of gold: pink, yellow, and white. Tiny but lush golden bouquets in different colors, single flowers in rings and earrings - they all sing an ode to love in all of its forms: the delicate fantasies of a young girl, the ardent passion of youth, and a steady and comitted passion of a self-sufficient mature woman.

Celebrity Style / Janelle Monáe


A pop, rock, soul, funk, indie pop, hip hop artist, Janelle Monáe is in the top list of today's most stylish American celebrities, according to InStyle Magazine. Her bright personality, lively energy and genuine sincerity brought her 6 Grammy nominations. As they look at Janelle, music critics love to talk about how the roots of David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Judy Garland, James Brown, Andre 3000 and Steve Jobbs in the minds of the younger generation have sprung forth in talented offshoots. Janelle Monáe herself likes to emphasize that stylistically, she is first of all a follower of two great women – Josephine Baker and Grace Jones. Choosing the classic black and white palette, Janelle stays true to it at all times. Even if some TV or newspaper reporters get the luck of seeing Janelle in the studio where she spends days on end in sweltering heat, under artificial lighting, they will find the artist dressed up in her signature style: the tux and shirt, perfectly combed hair with a quiff. When Janelle is asked why the tuxedo, she replies that she never thought whether it's men's fashion, or women's, she's comfortable in it, she looks good in it - and that's that. For a red-carpet occasion she completes her flawless black and white image with large Baroque jewelery. Also, of course, black and white. Janelle loves lush, whimsical, sophisticated shapes and large gems. Just like the ones in the Roberto Bravo Black magic and Q Collections.

Inspiration / Le Grand Blue World


The clear blue in Asian and European cultural traditions is the color of purity, truth, dreams and hope. The blue vestments of the Madonna to the blue bird of happiness, and the blue flower are known as the symbols of romanticism. Rings, necklaces, bracelets with large blue gemstones worn by the modernist era women - the first suffragettes that frequented the "La Coupole" cafe in Paris and "Stray dog" in St. Petersburg. In their pursuit of the perfect blue color, jewelers did not limited themselves to the traditional sapphires and topazes, going farther out in search of new blue colors and shades. Thus topazes and tanzanites came into fashion.
Turning to the blue, Roberto Bravo begins from the seabed, plunging into the thick emerald waves of the southern seas and following the coral divers. The bright blue from the Roberto Bravo palette neighbours with a sparkling golden color, and there you have gold on blue, red, green, yellow. Under a blue beam of truth and love, a hundred flowers bloom on a magic meadow!