Roberto Bravo is in design and art centre San Marco!

The iconic jewellery brand Roberto Bravo, which has been opened up to the world, comes together with its lovers in Venice San Marco square, one of the design and art centres of Europe with its unique store! 

Roberto Bravo, which has been inspired from the colours of nature and combined them with precious stones in its stories, continues to make their fans enjoy a unique, luxurious experience with its handmade collections. 

Roberto Bravo, which has been accompanying the Hollywood stars on the red carpet since the day of its foundation, brings the history and modernism together in Venice with its two floors new store, that has been specially designed.

The special architectural details in the store, where the soft brown and grey tones dominate and design products create a crushing effect. It offers a distinguished luxurious experience to you in its special room, which has been designed to make you enjoy a tailor-made experience.