Keeping and storing jewelery.

A woman's jewelry box is a very special treasury, and any access to outsiders is absolutely forbidden. She and only she can lift the heavy lid of the box to choose the accessory she will wear - or just to enjoy the glittering and shimmering gems. A woman can sit forever, putting Diamond Love Q collection rings next to Feya earrings to see how they go together. And how many times a day she does this is her own little secret.

Be a diligent keeper of your jewelry. Even if you haven't worn them for a while, they might lose some of their luster due to contact with oxygen - this is especially true of silver. Pick not only a convenient, but also a beautiful box, from which contemplation and awareness of the fact that within just hidden your treasure, that will enable you to receive a true aesthetic pleasure from the thought that such an elegant box contains a true treasure. On the inside, the box must be lined with a soft cloth such as suede or velvet, and the accessories must not touch each other.

The less light falls on your jewelelry, the better, because some gemstones lose their color when exposed to the sun. So, never forget to close the lid tightly. You can also put each article into an individual velvet bag: thus it will be protected from light and decoration and undesired touches. Make sure you keep your jewelery box away from heat sources at all times.