Moving accessories. The Salsa collection.

In the soul of every adult woman hides a little girl who loves to play more than anything else in the world. She would collect little trifles so dear to her heart, and swing and Christmas decorations back and forth so that they would spin as if found up.

When the girl grows into a woman, she continues to play, but her games become more serious: now she collects jewelry, secretly watching the reaction she causes in her loved one, and when he wants some distraction, she stares entrancedly at the way the diamonds in the Roberto Bravo Salsa collection ring rattle and shimmer in the light. Over 10 years ago, Piaget jewellers were the first ones to introduce moving fashion jewelry. Today their collection, Possession, originally positioned as a wedding one, makes one want to withdraw from the big city with its rhythm, and immerse into a sort of a meditation. And they were right: it really helps.

To achieve a similar calming effect, Roberto Bravo offers their clients to do some creative contemplation: you don't even need to touch the Salsa accessories. It's enough to put a ring on your finger, and you can watch how the skillfully fixed diamonds tremble in their frames at the slightest movement. You only need to decide whether you prefer white diamonds or blue, yellow gold, or white.