Amy Rossum

A talented person is talented in everything. At a fairly young age this girl already sang in six different languages with great opera singers like Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti, and later started taking acting lessons and building an acting career, while working on recording her own music albums. The star of "Mystic River," "Phantom of the Opera," "The Day After Tomorrow" and "Poseidon," Amy has tried herself in many genres, and became an absolute favorite with the audience after starring in the TV series, "The Shameless", acting alongside famous movie stars.

New look at Amy - and you will remember her forever - the complex cocktail of many different genes makes her appearance truly remarkable: her mother was Jewish, her father, Protestant, some of her ancestors came from Russia, and her aunt is Vera Wang herself.

This brunette with big dark eyes certainly knows what suits her: at different ceremonies Amy Rossum 'walks' accessories with rich-colored rubies, yellow topazes and emeralds.

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