Animalistic accessories. The Woo owl bracelet.

In ancient times, people attributed a sacred meaning to accessories with animals. Scarab rings, necklaces with frogs or turtles were meant to protect their owners from evil and, most importantly, give them the best qualities of the animal on the talisman. 

The modern jewelery-makers adopted this glorious tradition and are putting all imaginable fauna into precious metals, from insects to snakes and tigers.

The Roberto Bravo jewelers love nature more than any other experts in gold and diamonds: butterflies flit, migrating from one collection to another, as if from flower to flower, enamel vines crawl on the golden shank of the ring, wrapping around the gem, and flowers bloom on the shore of the sapphire lake.

We found a special symbol of wisdom in the Woo collection - a golden owl with hypnotic eyes on a thin black leather thread. The owl is associated with prudence and knowledge, able to see in the dark and has an instant reaction, endowed with an amazing intuition and, whatever happens, it remains remarkably quiet. A golden bird of wisdom in the form of a charm on a modest bracelet will give its owner the clarity of mind, and its ruby eyes will impart to her the gift of foresight and help develop her intuition.