Lana Del Rey Young and Beautiful

Lana Del Rey's songs are romantic, but almost always melancholy. They justify the singer's looks: very feminine dresses, long hair and flawless make-up with black arrows make her look sad and mysterious. Lana, née Elizabeth Wooldridge Grand, smiles very rarely. A thoughtful child, Lizzie sang in a Catholic Choir, where she learned to sing, and, growing up, took up the study of philosophy, trying to figure out how, as she put it, to "bridge the gap between science and God." This thoughtful sadness looks very becoming on the singer. We like it. As her career developed, some critics began to compare the style of her performance to a beautiful movie.

Besides being able to sing beautifully, the singer has an amazing ability of self-presentation: she is one of those women that are known as divas. Despite the fact that they are only human (at some point in her life, Lana was able to overcome a terrible dependence on destructive addictions), in everyday life, they behave as if on the stage. To develop such a demeanor is an even harder work than to create your own, unique image.

When we talk of Lana Del Rey, with our mind's eye we see the image of a young maiden with a languid voice and a wreath of flowers in her hair. She looks so much like Botticelli's Spring! In the same way as Simonetta Vespucci, the artist's favorite model, Lana occasionally changes the wreath of flowers in her hair for headbands and clips of large gems: look for them among Roberto Bravo jewelry. Italian jewelers love flowers and diamonds the same.