Pearls and gems combined in the Chanel style. The Diamond Love collection

There was a time pearls were a privilege enjoyed only by the noblest of ladies, the precious pearls were hard to find, and they were extremely expensive. Marie de Medici and Elizabeth I wore various pearl accessories. The gentle milk-white mysteriously radiant pearls became a symbol of purity and innocence.

The 20th century was a real century of pearls: Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in growing a perfectly round Akoya pearl, thus establishing the production of artificially grown pearls and making them available to everyone, and later the legendary Coco Chanel stated that "the pearl is always right", inspiring every fashionista to purchase a classic string of artificial or real pearls.

Today pearls are still popular among jewelers, but we see more and more often that designs are becoming more and more complicated. We are accustomed to the fact that pearls should be worn "neatly", that they are a strict and classic material, which does not leave room for experiment - some sort of the "little black dress" of the world of jewelery. Yet the Roberto Bravo jewelers object. In a burst of inspiration, they created the Diamond Love collection, with the main focus on diamonds. But when you see the pearl rings of this jewelry line, you will realize at once what a true object of art is - one that your heart can't help but long for... Hey, I'd like three of these!

Exquisitely beautiful rings of natural-shape baroque pearls, encrusted with varying diamond tracks. They are like the tentacles of a mysterious sea creature, wrapping around the central object of this artistic composition, which would make one think that this would be the very ring to grace the fingers of sirens or mermaids.