Roberto Bravo and Ömer Şengüler Meeting in the Book

Roberto Bravo resumes to meet to the reader and the world of literatüre and art.

Brand architect Ömer Şengülers new book Marka Ol E Mi? sponsored by Roberto Bravo. In the launch of the book Ömer Şengüler stated that the insterest in the book was high.

Launched of the book is made in Join + Idea Kanyon. There were many successful and famous names from art world and marketing sector, in Turkey.  Brand consultant Prof. Ömer Sengüler made statement about “Marka Ol E Mi?”. “Marka Ol E Mi?” will help to reader for  raise of marketing awereness and processes of branding. I preferred to use with custom visuals and a plain language to my personal experience in this book.

CEO of Roberto Bravo Mustafa Kamar stated about book, “this book is occured from consolidation of most important part of marketing. Everybody can read easily when they took the book. This issue caught my attention and now the book was my bedside, anymore. Visuals and plain language had caused easily reading, sincerely.” Mustafa Kamar added to end of his own word “Marka Ol E Mi” appeals to a large mass.”