Tips on taking care of your silver and gold accessories

We are used to thinking that jewelery is eternal, we take pride in the accessories we inherited from our grandparents or received as a gift, they are a sentimental memory of that and we, in our turn, will pass on to our children. Just imagine how overjoyed your daughter will be to receive from you an elegant Roberto Bravo Bee Dance golden ring, which she could wear on her first date or graduation party.

The impact of the environment (water, oxygen, and sun), cosmetics, cleaning products, etc. - all this sometimes adversely affects the way our jewelry looks. For it not to fade over the years and to continue to sparkle, delighting us, we must take good care of them, keep them in a good place and be careful in handling them.

Do not forget to take off your jewelry when you clean the house, sleep and exercise, and protect it from mechanical impact. Remember that taking care of gold and silver is different. Here is a list of basic rules for you to follow if you don't want your treasure to fade before its time.


1. After wearing, wipe the accessory with a soft microfiber cloth to remove the dust.

2. Dust and dirt can be removed if you wash the accessory into soap water with a few drops of ammonia.

3. If your accessory has a lot of dust or dirt on it, you can clean it with a properly chosen dish-washer detergent, that doesn't contain any component that can potentially damage the gold.


1. Just like with gold, wipe the silver with a microfiber cloth. Silver is more prone to loss of gloss, so do it more often.

2. Remove dark plaque with warm soap water or a cloth soaked in ammonia. Also remember that there are special fluids for taking care of precious metals. Gemstones, too, require special care, so make sure they don't get in contact with the fluids used for taking care of gold or silver.