TOP Best Hair Masks At Home.

Hair masks at home

We bring to your attention the TOP-7, with which you can prepare the best hair masks at home. A short review contains brief information about the effectiveness and features of each of them.

Top I - egg

Making egg hair masks at home is not a problem. The main ingredient is always available in the kitchen. Effectiveness has been proven over the years because beauties have used eggs as part of cosmetics since immemorial time. Therefore, home recipes are distinguished by such a variety of options with all kinds of additional components.

Main ingredient: chicken eggs, preferably farm (domestic), medium-sized (they have more nutrients).


stops falling out;

It has a cleaning effect, like a shampoo;

provides firmness and elasticity;

protects from external destructive factors;



accelerates growth;

eliminates dandruff.


classic: beat two eggs, rub into the scalp and distribute along the length;

with honey: 1 egg per 50 ml of honey;

with lemon: 1 egg per 25 ml of homemade lemon juice;

with mayonnaise: 1 egg per 50 g of homemade mayonnaise;

Top II - gelatin

Gelatin - the best mask for lamination at home. The main ingredient: sheet edible gelatin or powder.



provides hair smoothness and radiance;


protects against aggressive factors;


The effect after homemade gelatin mask is not inferior to the result of lamination made in beauty salon.


classic: 15 g of gelatin per 45 ml of water;



 Honey is the best nourishing mask.  Main ingredient: natural honey.




 smoothes, facilitates styling;


 brightens by a half tone;

 gives shine, makes the original color more saturated;


 activates growth;



 Classic: 50 ml of melted honey - 100 ml of warm water;

 with cognac: for 20 ml of honey - 50 ml of cognac and 2 yolk;




 The most fragrant and pleasant mask in consistency, which can only be prepared at home.  Main ingredient: Coconut oil.




 reduces loss;

 makes the color saturated;

 eliminates dandruff;

 prevents early gray hair;


 restores microdamages;

 facilitates the combing process.



  classic: melt coconut oil, rub into the roots, distribute along the length;

 with banana: mix banana puree and coconut oil in equal proportions;

 with cucumber: per 100 g of coconut oil - 75 g of pureed cucumber pulp;