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The Venice Festival, which is visited by more than 3 million people every year, will be celebrated this year from 8 to 25 February. Visitors who come from all over the world to experience the colorful and excitement of the city's iconic historical atmosphere will make their mark on carnival with their costumes and masks.

Venice Festival, which is a typical example of public celebrations, is one of the extraordinary festival examples that stand out with its costumes and masks as well as street parties, parades and entertainment. At the festival, where the best costumes and masks will be chosen by the fashion icons, there is no doubt that the people will reflect the fantasy world and the revel of color.

Although it is said that the most activity of the Venice Festival is the last week for the participants, they will experience a never-ending fun and colorful atmosphere for twelve days. Visitors will witness Martedi Grosso (Big Tuesday), Giovedi Grosso (Big Thursday) and Halloween Parade in last week.

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Short Notes from History of Venice Festival

It is thought to have started in 1094 with the first document signed by Doge Vitale Failero, and the word "carnival" (the name of the great feast period celebrated before the Great Lent in Christianity) was mentioned in this document for the first time. The mask was worn for the first time after this period. The use of masks has been reinterpreted from the Roman and Greek form, for hiding the nobles' concealment, so they was opening the door of the party. The celebrations reached the climax with the liberation of Venice from Germany.

In 18th century, splendor of the Venice Carnival has spread all over the world and visitors was living in fantastic atmosphere without borders. The fact that it was a gambling center in these years. Venice has become the pleasure of the world and the Venice Carnival, which has become the symbol of hedonism, lasted 6 months with its wild parties, illegal gambling and bloody bull shows.

After conquering Venice in 1797, Napoleon was could not belive the landscapeof Venice and he decided to ban the carnival. This ban continued until 1979 and it was tried to be revived by the Venetian natives. The festival now meets its participants in a family-friendly way.

When you walk around the city, it makes unique with costumes, masks, enthusiasm, entertainment, music, pubs, street performances, theatrical and dance performances, and the performances of professional artists portraying in a historical texture.

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In particularly, the St. Mark's Square is one of the iconic values of the Venice Festival. This year will live there Angel's Flight, Eagle's Flight, the best costume contest and many more events will take place and we will be at No: 65 in St. Mark's Square.

We would be delighted to welcome you at Roberto Bravo Venice.