Asjad Jewellery Exhibition 7-12 December 2020 - Roberto Bravo HA2 Booth


Roberto Bravo, the world's largest jewelry brand, meets with jewelry fans at Al-Hasm Mall, Qatar, on December 7-12. We welcome everyone to the HA2 booth, where the newest and specially designed products will be exhibited.

New Year New Gift


St. Petersburg White Nights: With the Sun Nights


White Nights in St. Petersburg is an amazing natural phenomenon that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. This time in St. Petersburg is considered the most romantic, so the newlyweds try to fasten their union by marriage in this period. Also at this time, holidays, public festivities, bridges are being drawn.

Why are there white nights in St. Petersburg? This question was asked at least once by every inquisitive traveler. From a scientific point of view, this phenomenon is explained by the fact that the sun sets behind the horizon at an angle of only 6 degrees. On ordinary days, night falls due to the fact that the planet Earth rotates not only around its own axis, but also around the Sun. When the latter enters the shady side of the Earth, we observe a deep dark night.

Research by astronomers has shown that the period of white nights in St. Petersburg falls on the period from June 11 to July 2. But locals claim that white nights in St. Petersburg begin in late May and last until mid-July. That is why at this time all mass celebrations, holidays, sporting events and concerts with the participation of invited stars take place.

They raise this artistic beauty of St. Petersburg to the highest level of harmony with harmonious accessories in the race of elegance in humans. Roberto Bravo's White Dreams collection will highlight you even more these nights. In addition, the Equinoks Collection will make you stand out in the elegance race these nights.

Precautions We Take For Your Health In Our Stores


The precautions we have taken for the health of our valued customers and employees at Roberto Bravo stores are as follows.


 *Stimulating announcements are made frequently with videos and voiceovers.


 * The fire of staff and customers is measured frequently.


 * Hand disinfectant is used.


 * Mask and gloves are used.


* Products are constantly disinfected.


* Social distance protective stickers are used.


* Contactless payment is used.

Great Websites That You Want to Visit at Home Without Getting Bored


great site that allows you to read the content without paying when you receive a payment to continue reading

 A site where you can watch the lives of elephants, lions, birds, whales and many other creatures live for 24 hours with hidden cameras placed in the natural habitats of living things

site where you can select any period in world history and find a list of all the films made about that period.

site that shows how happy people around the world are by region

 site that turns your photos into renaissance paintings

 site that allows you to find alternatives for all applications and programs ... it provides to find free counterparts of paid applications especially

 site where you can print content you see on the internet without including unnecessary text and pictures.

 this site sends you to a random place on the 3D map of google and you play the game to guess where you are in the world by visiting the streets, streets and looking at the buildings ...

Drive&Listen:Online Travel Countries


You can tour more than 40 cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Berlin Madrid, Mumbai, Miami and London by sitting in the front seat of the car and listening to the local radio! Drive & Listen website allows you to watch high quality images taken on Google Earth with radio or street sounds.

All you have to do is click on the site and choose the city you want to go to! The infrastructure of the site, where you can explore many cities from Europe to the Far East, is being updated every day.

5 Food Applications You Will Enjoy


We don't want to think about what food we will do every day. However, we cannot get rid of this idea. So, have we tried the applications that will make cooking more enjoyable? In fact, these applications offer you many suggestions about which food you will cook daily and recipes.

Let's take a look at 5 food apps that you can easily download and enjoy using.


Project Foodie (free) 

It is one of the most effective applications that you will increase your culinary abilities. The application, prepared with the recipes of Daniel Holzman, offers you 5-15 minutes in a short time.


How To Cook Everything ($9.99)

The application, prepared by New York Times columnist Mark Bitmman, offers you being real chief opportunuties wtih certificatifications and also there are many various of cooking.


SideChef (free)

This special application, which contains more than 4000 recipes and these step by step accompanied by videos, will be your assistant chief in daily life.


Cookpad (free)

With this application, you can share your meals and recipes with your family, friends or other people or you can get suggestions from other people about the recipes.


Yummly (free) 

Write the recipes or names of the food you want to make in this smart app and direct you to the best cooking sites or shopping sites in the world

5 films that made us fall in love with Italy.


We invite you to Italy with movie suggestions that will bring the streets of Italy and your Italian lifestyle to your home with every frame. Here is the city by city Italy tour ...


1 - Tourist- Venice

 Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Cast: Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Timothy Dalton

One of the favorite films of Johhny Depp and Angelina Jolie fans, Turist is a production that makes you feel in Venice in every frame. Going to Italy to get rid of love, Frank meets Elise on his journey. But in time, he realizes that this is not a coincidence and he is drawn to very dangerous works.

2 - To Rome with Love- Rome

 Director: Woody Allen

Cast: Woody Allen, Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz, Roberto Benigni

Thanks to charismatic Alec Baldwin and fascinating Penelope Cruz, a movie devoted to Rome, 'With Love to Rome' will be engraved in your memory. Woody Allen adds color to our lives in this movie with his cynical and detailed perspective. The famous American architect John came on vacation to Rome, the city of his youth. Here he meets Jack, a young man. Jack's love contradicts with his youth.

3 - Under the Tuscan SunTuscany Region

Director: Audrey Wells

Cast: Diane Lane, Sandra Oh, Lindsay Duncan

Frances Mayes, a 35-year-old San Francisco writer, comes to Italy to overcome the divorce crisis and buys a villa in Toscana. While restoring this villa, he starts to feel good again thanks to his Italian lifestyle. And here he falls in love again.

4 - Facing Windows- Rome

 Director: Ferzan Ozpetek

Cast: Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Raoul Bova, Massimo Girotti

Facing Windows, which is known as the best movie of Ferzan Özpetek by many filmmakers, is a forbidden love story that sprouts between the two buildings facing ... Also, the historical journey on the streets of Rome on the axis of an old man with Alzheimer's disease is also striking.

5 - Angels and Demons - Vatican


Director: Ron Howard

Cast: Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor, Stellan Skarsgård

A film that blends action and mystical elements in its full decision, 'Angels and Demons' is a production that calls upon Vatican secrets to unravel. Theology specialist Robert Langdon learns that the Illuminati community is operational. The Catholic Church is under threat. Langdon, who goes to Rome to prevent this danger, pursues 400 years of ancient symbols with Italian scientist Vittoria Vetra.

Cirques Du Soleil Opens Its Doors to Everyone


We would like to share with you the link of one of the most beautiful events to be held at the weekend. You can watch the doors of Cirque Du Soleil's show in Las Vegas for free with this link.


The foundations of Cirque du Soleil, which means “Sun Circus”, were laid in 1984 by Guy Laliberte and Daniel Gauthier, who were former street artists. The art community reached $ 850 million annually as of 2010. In addition, over 90 million people followed the community. Combining acrobatics and modern dance, Cirque du Soleil, which has a different style and turned into the biggest circus in the world, was sold to TPG Capital, a US-China investment company in 2015.


Rapidly growing especially in the 1990s and 2000s, Cirque du Soleil was staged in more than 300 cities worldwide. Employing 4,900 people from 50 countries, the company generates $ 1 billion in revenue annually. The Sirkin Las Vegas show plays alone over 9,000 viewers a night. More than 100 million people around the world have seen Cirque du Soleil productions.