TOP Best Hair Masks At Home.


Hair masks at home

We bring to your attention the TOP-7, with which you can prepare the best hair masks at home. A short review contains brief information about the effectiveness and features of each of them.

Top I - egg

Making egg hair masks at home is not a problem. The main ingredient is always available in the kitchen. Effectiveness has been proven over the years because beauties have used eggs as part of cosmetics since immemorial time. Therefore, home recipes are distinguished by such a variety of options with all kinds of additional components.

Main ingredient: chicken eggs, preferably farm (domestic), medium-sized (they have more nutrients).


stops falling out;

It has a cleaning effect, like a shampoo;

provides firmness and elasticity;

protects from external destructive factors;



accelerates growth;

eliminates dandruff.


classic: beat two eggs, rub into the scalp and distribute along the length;

with honey: 1 egg per 50 ml of honey;

with lemon: 1 egg per 25 ml of homemade lemon juice;

with mayonnaise: 1 egg per 50 g of homemade mayonnaise;

Top II - gelatin

Gelatin - the best mask for lamination at home. The main ingredient: sheet edible gelatin or powder.



provides hair smoothness and radiance;


protects against aggressive factors;


The effect after homemade gelatin mask is not inferior to the result of lamination made in beauty salon.


classic: 15 g of gelatin per 45 ml of water;



 Honey is the best nourishing mask.  Main ingredient: natural honey.




 smoothes, facilitates styling;


 brightens by a half tone;

 gives shine, makes the original color more saturated;


 activates growth;



 Classic: 50 ml of melted honey - 100 ml of warm water;

 with cognac: for 20 ml of honey - 50 ml of cognac and 2 yolk;




 The most fragrant and pleasant mask in consistency, which can only be prepared at home.  Main ingredient: Coconut oil.




 reduces loss;

 makes the color saturated;

 eliminates dandruff;

 prevents early gray hair;


 restores microdamages;

 facilitates the combing process.



  classic: melt coconut oil, rub into the roots, distribute along the length;

 with banana: mix banana puree and coconut oil in equal proportions;

 with cucumber: per 100 g of coconut oil - 75 g of pureed cucumber pulp;

TOP 10 Most Expensive Yachts in the World


A luxury yacht plowing the sea against a sunset is always beautiful. But, beauty is often associated with money. After all, some of the most expensive yachts in the world cost a significant amount of money. Of course, you have to pay for beauty. The cost of floating assets, which are included in the top 10 expensive yachts in the world, amounts to almost a few apartments in the center of the most famous capitals of the world, and even much more. The most expensive yacht in the world has a price that can shock everyone.

Perhaps you cannot even guess about its value, since it is really great. However, one must always strive for something. Perhaps in a couple of years you will be the one who walks around the world’s expensive yachts for purchase in a personal collection. Here is our list of the 10 most expensive yachts in the world.


"Pelorus" - number 10 in the TOP of the world's most expensive yachts

Top 10 most expensive yachts in the world opens with a yacht called "Pelorus". Its cost is $ 300 million. The first owner of the yacht was Sheikh Mod Hassan from Saudi Arabia. Then, Roman Abramovich from Russia sailed on it. Today, the owner of a beautiful floating vehicle, which is included in the top of the world's most expensive yachts, is David Geffen from the United States.

Note that this is one of the few yachts that has changed its owner several times. Each of them, in its own way, equipped the interior of the yacht, changing the interior or some external elements.

The length of the yacht is almost 115 meters. The top speed is 16 knots. The crew includes 40 people who monitor the performance of the marine facility and its excellent condition. One of the most expensive yachts in the world has special glasses that can withstand a direct hit by a bullet. In addition, there is a missile defense radar, as well as protection from annoying journalists, which does not allow them to shoot. On its board 2 helicopters are easily placed, since there are corresponding platforms. In addition, there is a submarine.

"Radiant" - No. 9 in the list of the most expensive yachts.

The "Radiant" is included in the top of the most expensive yachts in the world. Its cost is $ 320,000,000. Initially, it was commissioned by an oligarch from Russia, Boris Berezovsky. Then, it was sold to a billionaire from the UAE. The tool for sea trips was equipped with a unique technology - a sound gun. If the yacht is attacked, a shot from such a gun will tear apart the eardrum in the ears of the attackers. In addition, there are water cannons on the yacht that can flood the boat, sailing to the yacht even at a long distance.

 If you need to escape, then here the most expensive yacht in the world will come to the rescue. It has a very fast boat, which is used for instant escape and develops high speed. This is necessary if the sea pirates somehow captured the yacht, which, in principle, to do with such weapons is almost impossible. Only if the pirates are not specially trained and equipped with the appropriate combat arsenal.

 The top 8 most expensive yachts in the world includes a yacht under the modest name "A" on its list.

Its cost is $ 323 million. This is one of the most expensive yachts in the world, so buying it is not so easy. Today, the owner of the yacht is Andrey Melnichenko.

The length of the floating vehicle is 119 meters. The yacht has a unique appearance close to warships. Closer to the nose, it gradually narrows, which makes it possible to carry out easier and smoother walking on water. The speed of the yacht is not very high. Only 23 knots, but at the same time, it can travel very long distances, which even more expensive models cannot boast of.

On this yacht you can find swimming pools, a helipad, a transparent cover through which stars are visible and even a water supply system, which is made by analogy with a living current. The interior includes expensive furniture and outstanding works of art in the form of paintings. Gold is not used in the decoration, there are only steel elements.

"Al Said" - Top 7, the seventh yacht in the top of the most expensive.

The top expensive yachts in the world include Al Said, which costs as much as $ 330,000,000. Its owner is the Sultan of Oman - Qaboos bin Said. The length is decent - 155 meters. In principle, it includes everything you need, which should include the most expensive yacht in the world, the price of which starts from 330 million and above. There is a helipad, a large amount of gold clearance, and precious woods are used in the decoration.

The speed of the yacht is about 25 knots. It can carry on board about 200 people. It features a large displacement and power. The load is taken by 2 engines, which are designed for the smooth operation of such huge floating vehicles.

For this reason, it is one of the most expensive yachts in the world. After all, it is really equipped in the expression "expensively-richly." For example, there is also a separate concert hall where famous artists and singers can perform. The same room can easily accommodate 50 musicians plus a large number of

Number 6 - "Serene"

The top 10 most expensive yachts in the world includes Yuri Shefler's yacht called "Serene". One of the most expensive yachts in the world, priced at $ 330,000,000, has 7 decks with open and closed swimming pools. There is a cinema for watching movies. It is located in the open air, so watching a movie is a pleasure.

"Dubai" - No. 5 in the list of the most expensive yachts

The world's most expensive yachts have Dubai on their list, valued at $ 350,000,000. The owner of the yacht is the UAE Prime Minister. The length is 162 meters, which is quite modest compared to models that are in the top of the world's most expensive yachts. It has a platform for take-off and landing of the helicopter, and also has its own submarine.

Number 4 on our list, as well as the most expensive sailing yacht - "Sailing Yacht A"

Sailing Yacht A is one of the most expensive yachts in the world, the price of which is $ 400,000,000. It belongs to the category of superyachts, as you can find everything on it. Here you will find a huge deck, pools, cinema halls, an unusual interior, as well as a helipad. This is one of the largest yachts in its class, which is included in the list of the top 10 most expensive yachts in the world.

One of the most expensive and longest yacht in the world - "Azzam"

The list of world's most expensive yachts includes Azzam with price $ 500,000,000. It is one of the most expensive and longest yacht in the world and it is in the list of the most expensive marine vehicles. The owner is the president of the UAE. The length is 180 meters.

The most expensive yachts in the world, TOP 2 - "Topaz"

In the top of the world's most expensive yachts you can find "Topaz". This is a yacht that has a length of 147 meters. Created in 2012. It has a jacuzzi, a helicopter pad, as well as its own fitness center. For relaxation, you can go to a private room where the cinema is located. This is the second most expensive yacht in the world, the price of which is $ 527 million. This is really huge sum of money.

The most expensive yacht in the world - "Eclipse"

Eclipse is the most expensive yacht in the world with price $ 1,200,000,000. The owner of the yacht is Roman Abramovich. The length of the vehicle is just over 170 meters. Why is it the most expensive yacht in the world? Because it is equipped with the ultra-modern technology. Here is an incredible anti-spyware defense with weapons against an attack by pirates. Even some warships with light military equipment can envy this yacht.


Twelve Most Beautiful Women in the World in 2020


The most beautiful and delightful women of nowadays make our hearts beating, we are interested on their life, admire with their talent, charisma and of course, extraordinary beauty.

The ideal woman of our time is not only a figure and beautiful face. To be icon, they must have bright achievements in different areas of life.

Many popular magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Esquire publish annual ratings of the most beautiful women in the world. We selected and share with you the Top 12 most beautiful women, based on the choice of expert publications.

Top 12: Gwyneth Paltrow, American actress, singer.

Gwyneth Paltrow was born on September 27, 1972 in Los Angeles. The father of the future actress Bruce Paltrow was a director. That is what prompted his daughter to choose a future profession. Also related to Gwyneth is actress Katherine Mönnig and member of the US Congress Gabriel Giffords.

Top 11: Kate Hudson, American actress, filmmaker, screenwriter, producer.

Kate Garry Hudson played in such famous films as: “Almost Famous,” “How to Get Rid of a Guy in 10 Days,” “Brides' War,” “Groom for Rent.”

Top 10: Katie Holmes, American actress.

Katie Holmes is an American film actress, star of the youth series Dawson's Creek, also known for her role as Rachel Dawes in the blockbuster Batman. Start". Ex-wife of actor Tom Cruise.

Top 9: Emilia Clark, British actress.

Emilia Clarke is an internationally acclaimed British actress thanks to her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the mega-popular American television series Game of Thrones.

We continue to present you the most beautiful women in the world, coming to the leaders of the 2020 rank, so:


Top 8: Katherine Zeta-Jones is a British actress.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a British actress, Oscar winner and BAFTA, wife of artist Michael Douglas.


Top 7: Amber Heard, American actress.

Amber Heard is the American actress and model best known for her roles in the movies All Boys Love Mandy Lane, Never Give Up, Pineapple Express and Rum Diary.


Top 6: Scarlett Johansson, American actress and singer.

Scarlett Johansson- American movie actress, received her popularity after the movie "Translation Difficulties", "Another of the Boleyn Family", "Avengers".


Top 5: Monica Bellucci, Italian actress and fashion model.

Monica Bellucci - the famous Italian actress and model, together with Sophia Loren is considered the sex symbol of Italian cinema, many times was the top of the most beautiful people of the planet according to various publications.


So, we continue to represent you the most beautiful women in the world according to the 2020 year. Today we got to the top of Olympus and present the TOP 4 rating leaders.

TOP 4: Natalie Portman, American actress.

Natalie Portman is an American theater and movie actress of Israeli descent. Winner of the Oscars and Golden Globes. Best known for her roles in the movie  “Leon” (debut role), “Intimacy”, “V - means vendetta”, “Another of the Boleyn clan”, “Black Swan”. For the role of Jacqueline Kennedy in the film "Jackie" again nominated for an Oscar.

TOP 3: Kate Beckinsale, English actress.

Kate Beckinsale is an English actress known for her movies  Pearl Harbor, Intuition, Another World, Van Helsing, Actress, and Aviator.

TOP 2: Jessica Alba, American actress, model.

Jessica Maria Alba is one of the famous American actresses. She was born on April 28, 1981 in the California town of Pomona. Interestingly, she has Franco-Canadian, and American, and Danish, and Mexican roots.

TOP-1: Julia Roberts, American actress, producer.

Julia Roberts is an American actress and producer. She is the highest paid actress in the world, winner of the Oscars and Golden Globes.


Gems of Roberto Bravo



ts color often has a very faint yellowish or bluish tint. It consists of pure carbon.

Diamond can rightfully be called not only the best gem, but also the finest, because no other mineral can be compared with it in strength and brightness.

For a long time, diamonds cut caused a lot of difficulties because of its extraordinary strength, it is no coincidence that the name of the gem in ancient Greek means “indestructible”.

It is known that thanks to the cut of gem all its best dignities discovers.


Emerald is beryl silicate. The green gem got its name from the Persian word “zumrundi” - green. Its unique color is not found in any other mineral. Due to the impurities of chromium, vanadium and iron, the color of the gemstones turns bright green and is divided into 5 groups according to the color tone intensity.

Compared to others - it is quite fragile, even there is a special cut called stepped. More than 80% of emeralds are cracked and subjected to special treatment. The most valuable minerals mined in Colombia, where gems are mined with a rich bright green tint.


The name of a red gem in Latin means red - it is a kind of corundum, which, due to the inclusion of hexavalent chromium, acquires a bright red color. Thanks to this metal, the ruby ​​shows strong fluorescence, the gem flickers so much that looks like it is “burning”, resembling a red-hot coal.

It is noteworthy that the value of some rubies, especially those mined in Burma, exceeds the most expensive gems - diamonds. Their color varies from light pink (Thai) to fiery red (Burmese). By strength, it is the second after diamond.



Sapphire is another kind of corundum. The name of the gem in Greek means blue. Its color varies from bright saturated color to light blue due to impurities of titanium or iron. Other colors are less common.

 The difference between a real sapphire and other blue gems is its strength. Also, its distinctive feature is the presence of "zoning" - a bright color is in parallel lines, which is perfectly visible under artificial lighting and "silk". The best minerals are mined in Kashmir, they have a bewitching velvet blue color, as if covered with a light milk haze.


Miracle Women and Their Jewellery


Queen Elizabeth II

Highlights include the Timur Ruby, a 352 carat spinel inscribed with the names of the Mughal emperors who were its previous owners, a diamond and sapphire necklace and earrings, known as the Victorian Suite of Sapphire and Diamond set, which were originally designed in 1850 and gifted to the Queen by her father, King George VI, on her wedding day Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor

The entire collection was sold through Christie's New York in 2011. The sale received global attention and the collection of lots, which included rare pieces from approximately £74.9 million.

Princess Salimah Aga Khan

After her marriage to Aga Khan, one of the richest in the world, her auction sold all the gifts she received, the princess earned £ 21.9 million and donated it to a charity.

Mrs Lily Safra

She is a particular fan of the American jewellery designer Joel Arthur Rosenthal, referred to as 'the Fabergé of our time', and the fine jewellery house JAR he founded in Paris. The proceeds from the sale reached nearly £30 million and were gifted to 32 different charitable organisations in the name of The Lily Safra Foundation.

Types of Fashion Styles, Which One is You


The different styles in fashion have always gone through innumerable changes. With the increase in the amount of innovations, the change in trend and fashion styles have also been rapid. So keeping that in mind, here is the list of a few fashion styles that we accepted with all our hearts:



Vintage Fashion Style


One of the most adorable fashion styles, it definitely is a blast from the past. From flapper dresses to pinup clothing and from retro swimwear to indie clothing, the vintage look is a culmination of fashion from the 20’s to the 70’s.

Bohemian Fashion Style

The best way to describe bohemian would be to use the word non-traditional. A style which is similar to arty, bohemian style uses extravagant and wild patterns on exotic textures. It can be characterized as an inspiration from gypsy and hippie looks. It is more commonly referred to as ‘Boho’.

Chic Fashion Style

Chic is characterized by being trendy and fashionable. It is a type of statement to make oneself look smart and striking. Whoever follows this style makes sure to choose well tailored stylish designs that are pretty classy. Strong colors which are not extravagant, comes as a part of the chic style.

Artsy Fashion Style

Arty as the names suggest, invokes the independent creativity of the person. These are usually the ones who want to make a statement of their own by the clothes they wear. Most of the times, they are the creators of their own fashion style.


                                Sexy Fashion Style

It is all about showing off your best features. Let all the best things about your out there to get the attention of male. Mostly accompanied by heels, shorts or tight skirts, this style leaves the bare minimum for imagination. Exposure is to be at the maximum and as much as skin is shown. 

5 websites that will increase your creativity


We can see what we will do at home in a limited way. However, we all understand the power of the internet once again when we start working from home.

Here are very special links that you will follow at home with pleasure.


1.You can watch the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra for free.


2. You can visit museums around the world for free.


 3. You can access over 8,000 documentaries on a single channel.


4. You can improve yourself with virtual lessons of Art and Creativity Psychology.


5. You can watch cult films in the history of cinema from this link.

How To Stay Positive At Home


1. Find the optimistic viewpoint in a negative situation.

One of the simplest but most effective ways to build a more positive outlook has in my experience been to ask more helpful questions as often as possible.

When I am in what seems like a negative situation – maybe I have been lazy, made a mistake, failed or stumbled in some kind of way – then I like to ask myself questions like:

·         What is one thing that is positive or good about this situation?

·         What is one opportunity within this situation?

2. Cultivate and live in a positive environment.

Who you choose to spend your time with and the input you get from further away like the TV, the internet and magazines will have a huge effect on your outlook.

To be able to stay positive it is essential to have influences in your life that support you and lift you up instead of dragging you down.

So carefully consider what you let into your mind.

You can for example ask yourself:

·         Who are the 3 most negative people I spend time with?

·         What are the 3 of most negative sources of information I spend time on?

3. Go slowly.

I have found that when I go too fast, when I try to think, talk, eat and move around in my world really quickly then things don’t go too well.

Stress builds up. Negative thoughts about just about anything start to well up and I feel like my own personal power decreases.

But if I slow down just for a few minutes – even if I have to force it by walking, talking and eating slower – then my mind and body calms down too. It becomes easier to think things through clearly again and easier to find the optimistic and constructive perspective.

4. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

It’s very easy to lose perspective, especially if you are stressed and you are going too fast.

And so a molehill can become a big and terrifying mountain in your mind.

A simple three step way to handle these situations so they don’t get out of hand is to:

Say stop.

In your mind, shout “STOP!” or “NOPE, we are not going down that path again!” as soon as thoughts of this kind starts to spin in your head.


After you have disrupted the thoughts by shouting stop sit down and just be still.

Breathe with your belly and focus on just your in-breaths and out-breaths for a minute or two to calm your mind and body down.


Question your mountain building thoughts by talking to someone close to you and getting a more grounded perspective on the situation by just venting or by getting his or her input.

5. Add value and positivity to someone else’s life.

What you send out you tend to get back from the world and the people in it.

Not from everyone. And not every time.

But what you send out there matters a whole lot.

What you give them and how you treat them is what you’ll get back. And they way you treat others and how you think of them also tend to have a big effect on how you treat and think about yourself.

So give value and spread the positivity by for example:

Helping out.

Lend a hand when moving. Give a friend a ride in your car.

If he or she needs information then help out by checking it up on Google or asking a friend of yours.

Or start a blog or a podcast and share what's helped you out in life.

Just listening.

Sometimes people don’t want any direct help.

They just want someone to be there fully and listening as they vent for a little while.

Boosting the mood.

Smile. Give hugs when appropriate. Play uplifting music when hanging out with a friend or suggest an inspiring movie for your movie night.

Or encourage when someone has had a bad day or are going through a tough time.

6 Mediterranean Places to Travel After These Days


Mediterranean ... Turquaz waters, a warm wind and a glass of wine. These sacred blue shimmering waters are the great morass that many civilizations want to live on the shores of.

Golden sands, peaceful towns ... The Mediterranean is more than these.

We share you the pictures of the most beautiful Mediterranean towns without comments and unlimited.

6 magnificent Mediterranean towns that we cannot get enough of the blue that Roberto Bravo chose for you.

Bay Of Kotor, Montenegro

Dubrovnik, Crotia

Creete, Greece

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Santorini, Greece

Kaş, Turkey