Inspiration. You can wear a necklace on your back.


In 2013, the Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence appeared on the Red Carpet in a dress with an open back - and her open back was adorned by a necklace. This, however, wasn't a specifically designed accessory. The Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe, while working at Jennifer's image for the ceremony, advised her to dress up her back, too. This ingenious trick was such a success that Jennifer repeated it at the Oscar ceremony in 2014. It became a trend. And the jewelers of the Mikimoto Pearl House quickly created a sautoir that could be thrown back over the shoulder.
What necklace or sautoir is best for wearing on your back? Roberto Bravo offers one from the Global Warming collection — a lush decorative necklace in the Baroque style made of tropical flowers and leaves tightly woven together. The garden of Eden made of polished and blacken gold is covered with precious enamels and with a little lizard hiding among the shining golden lily leaves.

Celebrity Style. Giuliana Rancic.


Giuliana Rancic, an Italian-American journalist, writer, producer and blogger, leads a transparent life, talking on her webpage not only of her favorite fashion and culinary discoveries, but also about her family life. Her new book, "Going off script", is just about it. Juliana, an American of an Italian descent, has a background of drama, tragedy, battling with a serious illness, and victories. Maybe that's why she looked like an ancient goddess at the recent Grammy awards ceremony. Clad in a tight golden gown of metallic threads and large Swarovski crystals, Julian looked feminine and at the same time belligerent, causing that complex emotion in the audience that Leni Rifenshtal once called the "Triumph of the Will". Her wrists were adorned with amulets - gold bracelets in the style of the Q Collection by Roberto Bravo.

Inspiration. Trend: playful, “childish” Prada-style accessories. Totiti Collection.


Sometimes even the most serious woman likes to play. Since the times the noble knights created the cult of the Fair Lady, when troubadours sang their first songs in the glory of the beauty locked up in a high tower, and the culture of the courtly love was formed, women simply have had no choice: they have to be one step ahead of men, holding in their hands the threads of destiny, to surprise men and entertain them. And the irony, as we know, is one of the main components of true femininity. This is well known and remembered at all times at all the big fashion Houses. And in diamond collections that could grace the Treasury of the London Tower, the Kremlin, or the diamond Fund, we suddenly find, for example, playful cherries with tiny diamonds and cheerful colorful enamels. Or gems suddenly form a pattern that looks as if it was put together by a five year old child. Or the shape and ornamentation looks like... graffiti letters!
The ability to joke is a rare talent, highly prized in fashion Houses. And Roberto Bravo possesses it in full!

RB recommends. Why Wearing Silver Shouldn't Intimidate You.


Silver is a precious metal known since ancient times. Soft, low-melting, it has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, which has made it a definite favorite with scientists in their endless experiments. That's also because silver is not only a precious metal - it is also magical. Silver ions are also known for their antibacterial properties. It's no coincidence that when a baby's first tooth comes in, it's traditionally presented with a spoon, - not of gold, but of silver. A silver spoon is often put in a carafe to purify the water. Cosmetic gold and silver are used in face masks and creams. And even cakes are decorated with edible gold and silver petals.
Silver jewelry accessories are always warm. They gently embrace their owner and serve her faithfully. Among family jewelry, which passes from generation to generation by inheritance, we find in our ancestors' jewelery boxes more items of silver than of gold or platinum: in hard years silver wasn't of high value and selling it wasn't profitable. Due to this, almost all girls have in their possession the cultural codes of their families: something from grandmothers, great-grandmothers and great-great-grandmothers, which means that the contact with the family history has not been lost, and the connection to previous generations still lives. Jewelery houses with a family history know this too well - for example, such as Tiffany and Hermes, where you can buy fine silver jewelry with a gorgeous finish. Roberto Bravo jewelers actively work with silver, and, therefore, there is hope that the gifts today's girls receive will over the years become family treasures.

Celebrity style. Alessandra Ambrósio.


Alessandra Ambrósio, a Brazilian actress and model, known as Victoria Secret's Angel, who debuted in cinema in a small episode of the James Bond film "Casino Royal", boldly combines in her outfits the traditional classics and modern trends. Her little black dresses are cut in a way that they cannot be called a classic, her long delicate earrings and phalanx-width rings bring to mind the traditional patterns of Latin American cultures and the Spanish conquistadors, but they look as if they were brought to her by some aliens on a flying saucer.
The Salsa and Cool Collections' accessories with their architectural symmetry, the ambiguity of simple shapes and a great selection of diamonds and precious gems are guaranteed to win Alessandra Ambrósio's heart.