Art of Roberto Bravo / Enamel

"It has been many years that we have perfected the technique of applying fire enamel on every pieces It played an important role in the development of Roberto Bravo and it’s what gives all our of pieces that brillant effect and glowing colors"

Fired enamel is an elegant material, and it becomes a sign of perfection on every Roberto Bravo pieces. The creation of collections start with inspiration, deep feelings and passion. Each pieces are traded time and again to come to the idea of finding the perfect color and using them correctly to create the imagined designs.

Roberto Bravo jewellery pieces distinctively designed fire enamel that is applied in many layers and than fired. A long process and patience are needed to produce an extraordiary piece with bright color and impressive finishing

ROBERTO BRAVO offers a new journey for the jewellery to the mysterious and fascinating world of precious stones, a flawless coloring technique and presents a glamorous life style to the admirers of creative soul.

Inspiration from Nature

"Roberto Bravo design is not merely a plain, expensive piece of jewellery but a luxury feeling suddenly bloomed right on the finger"

"Colorful flowers that beautify our world, lilacs as the subjects of songs, red roses as an expression of our love, tulips as the symbols of magnificence, elegant orchids, water lillies, night pleasures, bees making honey, butterflies each of which are color symphonies, cicadas, dragonflies, and birds…"

From the beginning nature has played an important role in our creative expression. We; consisting of designs inspired from nature colorful, lively, handmade collections with extraordinary stories and create truly individualized, memorable looks through the jewelry. This way allows us to be always aware of the nature around us.

The art and the designs we create from nature’s inspiration becomes part of our corporate and cultural identity. By mentioning nature’s beauty and magic, we ensure that future generations will continue to find inspiration in the natural world around us, they will treat the nature well and become much more sensitive