“It has been many years that we have perfected the technique of applying fire enamel on every pieces It played an important role in the development of Roberto Bravo and it’s what gives all our of pieces that brillant effect and glowing colors.”

Fired enamel is an elegant material, and it becomes a sign of perfection on every Roberto Bravo pieces. The creation of collections start with inspiration, deep feelings and passion. Each pieces are traded time and again to come to the idea of finding the perfect color and using them correctly  to create the  imagined designs. 


Roberto Bravo jewellery pieces distinctively designed fire enamel that is applied in many layers and than fired. A long process and patience are needed to produce an extraordiary piece with bright color and impressive finishing

ROBERTO BRAVO offers a new journey for the jewellery  to the mysterious and fascinating world of precious stones, a flawless coloring technique and presents a glamorous life style to the admirers of creative soul.


The Company which operates in retail, production and export areas until 1997, started to attempt on the way of becoming a global brand. Roberto Bravo has a 


headquarter in Istanbul, 2 management offices in Vicenza and Moscow, has multiple design and production facilities in Turkey, Italy and Korea.

Today, the brand is setting worldwide jewellery trends through Contemporary Lines, High Technology, Extraordinary designs, Craftmanship Mastery, Expressive Collections, Wide Range of Products; having many surprises inside, is full with aesthetic and mysterious lines. It offers daring and creative approach through extraordinary collections introduces jewellery enthusiast into luminous, fascinating and magic world of gold, diamond and enamel.


It’s show time! Extraordinary designs for inspiring women. Welcome to our inspiring World! You’ll be inspired by our latest lively collections.